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The seven new inhabitants of Trumai are, also, seven tourists. None of them knows the planet Mura, their habits or any beautiful place to visit. So, to make them feel at home, Kuarashí, the seer, invites them all to visit Sendy-uá cave, which means “illuminated cave”. As they arrive, everyone becomes dazzled by the beauty of the place. There are crystals of all sizes everywhere. On the floor, on the walls, on the roof, and they keep the cave inside as bright as a sunny day. The path is narrow and the roof is not very high, but no one is in a hurry to go on, since there’s so much to be seen. Then, breaking a deadly silence that took the place, Ziggy’s voice can be heard:

- Look! It’s me reflected on that crystal! And I’m playing with my old Jigsaw Puzzle and… wait… where’s the spike on my head? So, Kuarashí steps forward and explains: - These crystals don’t reflect things around themselves, my curious friend… And this is just one of the mysteries we can’t explain about these beautiful gems. They show us illusions based on thoughts stored in the subconscious of the people who stare at them. But the most interesting of that is that the image isn’t perfect. The villagers of Trumai often visit this place and spend hours just looking at their reflections on the crystals, trying to spot the mistaken projections. Why don’t you give it a try?

How to Play

Use the mouse to point and click the differences between the reflection and the real character.
Help our characters in their corageous adventure.
Each game presents a story and as you play you'll learn a bit more about the culture and misteries of the Mura Universe.