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Mura Universe
A big mysterious forest surrounds a great city where science and technology reign.
A land in which its population is divided in two groups that live isolated from each other, nurturing dislike for centuries.
Ancient traditions and forest creeds oppose to an obsession for technology by the ones that chose the urban life. But the fragile peace between these people is endangered on the day that seven strangers…
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The Seven
Tree Defense
The Dream of Mayla
Ned and the Traditional Seed Game
Alicia and Trumai Fishing Contest
Ziggy and Mura's Ancient Mahjongg
Mayla and the Lake of Memories
Ned and the Dots Contest
Ned and the Mysterious Magic Vault
The Illusions of Sendy-uá Cave
Jigsaw Puzzle with Ned
Mayla and the Crystal Music
Mayla dresses Iraná
Painting in Trumai

Help our characters in their corageous adventure.
Each game presents a story and as you play you'll learn a bit more about the culture and misteries of the Mura Universe.